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cruise line travel insurance

Cruises are an excellent way to unwind and enjoy a relaxing vacation, but achieving absolute peace of mind can be difficult when you’re not fully prepared. A robust travel insurance policy can help protect you financially and ensure you stay safe in case of an emergency while you’re on the go.

Many cruise lines offer their own travel insurance policies, and while this may seem like the easiest and most convenient way to get travel insurance for your upcoming cruise, it’s often not the best option.

Here’s what you need to know about cruise travel insurance as well as how to find viable alternatives.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance for a Cruise?

When you think about your upcoming cruise trip, you’re probably anticipating having fun in the sun. However, there’s always the chance that an accident or issue could occur out on the open sea or en route to your port. When you encounter unexpected challenges while traveling, it can get expensive, which is why it’s important to have some form of travel insurance before departing.

The exact benefits of travel insurance will vary depending on the type of policy you get, but generally, it can provide you with trip cancellation or interruption refunds, reimburse lost or stolen luggage, and pay to re-book travel if you miss your flight. Most plans will even cover unexpected medical costs if a health emergency happens during your trip.

This is particularly important if you’re on an international cruise because most standard health insurance plans don’t cover treatment in a foreign country. Paying a small amount for a travel insurance plan up front can save you a huge amount of money in the long run if an emergency were to occur.

What Types of Travel Insurance Do Cruise Lines Offer?

When you purchase a cruise directly, the cruise line will typically offer you a travel insurance plan to group with your booking at checkout. There are several different features that this insurance plan could offer, including coverage for trip interruptions or cancellations, emergency medical coverage, baggage loss, and emergency weather issues. These insurance features vary between cruise lines.

Companies such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity, and Princess Cruise lines tend to offer their own travel insurance plans at booking. At the time of this article, Princess Cruise is the only one to offer both a Standard and a Platinum plan (giving travelers a bit more flexibility).

All of these companies offer up to 100 percent of trip cancellation or interruption costs (for specific covered reasons) as well as up to $1500 in lost baggage coverage and $500 in delayed baggage. They also all offer emergency medical and emergency medical transportation coverage, with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean offering higher coverage values for these than the other major cruise lines.

Should You Book it?

While booking travel insurance directly with the cruise line is convenient and can save time on searching elsewhere, consumers should be wary of these offered plans. In most cases, this isn’t going to be the best option available to you.

Cruise lines offer a one-size-fits-all travel insurance plan, so you won’t have the option to customize the plan to suit your needs. Additionally, these plans can be very expensive. If you book directly through an insurance provider or a comparison site, you can often find a much better deal. Other providers typically offer more features, which gives you more bang for your buck.

There may be some instances in which a cruise line travel plan works for you, but in most cases, you’ll find better choices elsewhere. Either way, it’s always important to comparison shop for travel insurance to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

What are the Alternatives to Cruise Line Travel Insurance?

There are many excellent alternatives to buying your travel insurance directly through your cruise line. One of the best ways to find these alternatives is through a comparison site like


By using a comparison site, you can see all your options in one place. You can not only compare pricing, but you can also compare all the features that each insurance company offers. This can help you make an informed decision based on overall value. The best part is that travel insurance pricing is regulated, so you won’t find a plan found on anywhere else for a lower price. You can buy online and get your confirmation of coverage and policy documents instantly via email.

To compare potential providers, you’ll need to enter key trip details such as the cost of your trip, your destination, and the number of travelers, and the comparison tool will do the rest for you.

You should always try to buy your travel insurance sooner rather than later. In general, the further you book your cruise insurance in advance, the longer you will be covered and you will have more coverage options available. Waiting too long can limit the number of insurance options available to you.

What Should I Look for in Cruise Travel Insurance?

There are several key features to look for when booking travel insurance for a cruise. It’s important to look for travel insurance that will reimburse you in the event of a cancellation or delay due to a covered reason. Severe weather events like hurricanes can often result in full or partial trip cancellations.

It’s also possible that your trip could be canceled because of a COVID-19 outbreaks. Case numbers are still fluctuating, so it’s important to be prepared for this possibility even if you’re vaccinated. While most travel insurance plans will cover you if you contract COVID-19 before or during your trip, you’ll need to buy an optional Cancel For Any Reason upgrade if you want to be able to cancel due to fears of traveling or travel restrictions and shutdowns.

Even if your cruise isn’t canceled, it’s also possible that you could miss your trip. It’s important that your travel insurance provides coverage for this as well. In many cases, you’ll need to take a plane or a train to the port city you are departing from. If these trips are delayed, it could result in you missing your cruise’s boarding time. Many policies provide coverage for this.

Another one of the most important features is emergency medical coverage. Medical costs can get very expensive and having this type of coverage can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to get the best possible treatment no matter what part of the world you’re in. When booking a cruise, it’s particularly important to look for travel insurance that contains coverage for emergency medical evacuations. If you have a medical emergency on a ship, it’s possible that you would need to be evacuated to get the care that you need.

Another standard provision to look for in your travel insurance is coverage for lost and stolen baggage. It’s very common for items to get stolen in densely packed environments such as cruise ships and your travel insurance can help cover the cost of finding or replacing stolen items. Baggage often gets lost in transit as well, which is also a risk that travel insurance can help protect you from.

Depending on which travel insurance company you end up booking with, you may have access to other types of coverage as well. Coverage add-ons can help you better customize your plan to suit your unique travel needs, so you can get the value you need from your travel insurance.

Just keep in mind that add-on coverage can increase the overall cost of your travel insurance.


Overall, it’s important to have some form of travel insurance in place if you’re planning on going on a cruise, whether it’s from the cruise line itself or a third-party provider.

Just know that by expanding your options to other travel insurance providers, you’ll be open to more flexible and affordable coverage. Using a travel insurance comparison site like can help you find a better deal for your upcoming trip. You can compare the leading insurance providers in the market and find the best coverage for your trip at the lowest price.


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