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Honeymoon Travel Insurance

You’ve booked the honeymoon trip of your dreams. But just as you are ready to depart, the unthinkable happens, and you cannot travel. A family member falls ill, you can’t get away from work, or your trip is cancelled due to a major weather event.

While you may have went overspent on the wedding, there is one thing you should leave room in the budget for, travel insurance. Travel insurance doesn’t feed 150 people, look as good as your designer dress, or make memories, but it does protect your finances if something goes awry.

One of the worst ways to start your marriage is with unexpected debt as newlyweds. Looking into honeymoon travel insurance shouldn’t break the bank considering plans usually start at 4% of your overall travel costs.

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, it’s wise to purchase travel insurance right after your initial booking and down payments have been completed. Especially if you are booking your honeymoon destinations well in advance with your wedding reservations, purchasing a policy can be less costly than canceling the trip at the last minute and losing all of your trip costs.

The first step is to look at your travel insurance needs. Do you need medical, baggage loss, or cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage? Consider customizing your plan based on the total cost, length of trip, and any medical concerns that may be top of mind.

The best travel insurance for honeymooners will typically be a comprehensive policy with a wide variety of coverage and benefits.

travel insurance for a honeymoon

Types of Travel Insurance for Your Honeymoon

1.   Trip Delay

Trip delay insurance can reimburse costs from weather and transportation-related occurrences that delay your trip. The trip delay could include but is not limited to transportation re-booking and unexpected hotel or meal costs.

Keep in mind that most plans will detail what is covered. While some plans may cover overnight delay costs, not all will. Plus, don’t book a 4-star hotel and a 3-course meal before checking to see your plans’ maximum benefit per day and person.

If the delay in your trip caused you to miss reservations such as a boat cruise or wine tasting, you could file a claim for that under trip delay.

Tip: Most trip delay coverage kicks in once you are delayed for at least three to 12 hours. So, before making a trip delay insurance claim, make sure you were delayed for at least the minimum stipulated time.

2.   Trip Interruption

Trip interruption insurance is helpful if you are worried about circumstances that could cut your trip short and force you to return home early after you have already departed. For example, trip interruption insurance will help you cover the cost of an expensive flight home in the case of sudden illness, or a non-traveling family member being admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening medical issue.

Plus, trip interruption insurance can cover any remaining at-risk trip costs, so you won’t be paying for any experiences you didn’t get to attend.

Tip: Trip interruption insurance will cover you for a variety of covered reasons listed in your policy.

3.   Trip Cancellation

Did you book a cruise or an international all-inclusive stay? If your honeymoon must be canceled or postponed for a covered reason, opt for trip cancellation insurance.

If you think this type of insurance is going too far, think about the pandemic, hurricanes, and even an unexpected death of a family member. Also, don’t assume that your booking agent will reimburse your trip if you cancel.

Read the fine print when you book. If the trip isn’t refundable, then purchasing trip cancellation insurance can help you get your money back when the unthinkable happens.

Tip: Trip cancellation will reimburse you 100% for all non-refundable expenses you have already paid for, if you cancel for a covered reason. Refundable parts of your honeymoon will have to be requested from the various booking sites you used.

4.   Travel Medical

Health care costs are difficult to decipher at home, let alone on your honeymoon. So, if you are traveling abroad, you should consider adding travel medical insurance to your plan.

Travel medical insurance covers doctor visits, hospital bills, treatments, and medicine up to the maximum benefit of your plan. You can even find million-dollar plans available but can choose a lesser tier if you don’t need to purchase that much coverage.

If you have pre-existing conditions, check with your plan to see if you are covered. You will have to be eligible for a pre-existing medical condition waiver in some cases. There is usually no charge to add the waiver, but you may prove that your condition is “stable” to qualify and purchase the insurance within a set timeframe from your initial trip payment and insure 100% of your pre-paid and non-refundable trip costs.

Tip: If you are traveling domestically, you may not need to purchase travel medical insurance. Your current U.S.-based insurance card may be accepted as valid insurance. When traveling abroad, it is important to note that your domestic health insurance coverage or Medicare plan will typically not cover you.

5.   Emergency Medical Evacuation

Honeymooning abroad can be exhilarating. You are visiting new places and engaging with new cultures. But it can also be scary if you are visiting a country with inadequate hospital facilities.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance helps you get medevac transportation back to the U.S. or nearest adequate medical facility for immediate treatment. Depending on your location, if you were to pay out of pocket, it could run anywhere from $20,000 to over $200,000.

Tip: Travel medical insurance with evacuation coverage can provide 24/7 assistance coordinating the medical evacuation, including transport, translation, and medical staff. Purchasing medical travel insurance can give you peace of mind when you feel helpless.

6.   Baggage Loss

You’ve probably ordered a new wardrobe to go on your honeymoon, but if you check it on your flight, there is a possibility you won’t be reunited.

Baggage loss insurance provides compensation for your luggage and the items inside your bags but can exclude designer items such as fine jewelry, drones, auto equipment, cash, etc. Plans can vary, so check if your baggage is covered on just the outward leg or your entire trip.

Tip: The best baggage loss insurance policies offer over $2,500 in coverage per person. In some cases, major credit card companies may offer reimbursement for lost luggage and damaged luggage. Check your credit card terms for specific dollar amount benefit coverage.

7.   Adventure Sports

If you are a couple with an adventurous spirit, why let your honeymoon stop you? However, if you are going to a destination that you have never been to before, you can significantly increase the risk of an unfortunate accident.

Travel insurance plans generally exclude adventure sports, including participating in sports competitions, skydiving, parachuting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, extreme skiing, mountain climbing, and scuba diving below 120 feet or without a divemaster.

Tip: If you have already planned an extreme activity such as skydiving, ask your travel insurance agent about adding an “adventure” policy add-on.

8.   Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)

Trip cancellation insurance has black and white stipulations in your plan of what is considered a valid cause. Trip cancellation often doesn’t cover fear of travel or even indifference toward your trip.

If you are searching for trip insurance that covers all cancellation reasons, consider upgrading to a “cancel for any reason” or CFAR policy. This coverage is an all-in-one solution and is best for couples that need the most flexible insurance policy. Once you have paid your initial trip deposits, you have twenty-one days to add CFAR coverage.

Tip: While most trip insurance add-ons are minimal, CFAR will increase the cost of any plan by upwards of 50% or more. However, you can cancel your honeymoon up to 48 hours before your trip for any reason at all and get reimbursed up to 75% of your overall trip cost.


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