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What You Need to Know About New Immigrant Insurance

Leaving the only home you have ever known to enter a new country can be overwhelming at times. There are already many things you have to worry about as a new immigrant to the United States. Getting sick and having coverage to handle it should not be one. New Immigrant Insurance can help you get the medical care you may need while you are in transition. Many times, this is the last thing on your mind. However, it is essential to help you smoothly transition while life continues to happen around you. You can buy New Immigrant Insurance here or learn more about it below.

New Immigrant and Green Card Holder Insurance


What is New Immigrant Insurance?

New immigrant insurance is also known as Green Card Insurance. This coverage provides medical coverage for three types of immigrants:

  • Green Card holders that travel between the US and their home state regularly
  • Green Card holders that are becoming permanent US residents
  • A new arrival to the US who just received a Green Card

The purpose of this type of insurance is to fill in the gap until the new immigrant is allowed to apply for US health insurance coverage. This type of coverage is typically used as a stopgap for elderly green card holders that are in the US to help or even stay with younger family members. These individuals must meet the minimum requirements Medicare imposed for green card holders to obtain Medicare. In the meantime, they may be eligible for other insurance coverage. Until that minimum requirement is met, many new immigrants or those green card holders that travel back and forth between countries are left uninsured and vulnerable to serious medical debt. New immigrant insurance provides a stopgap policy to prevent this type of financial hardship.

The Frequent Traveler

These plans are short-term benefit plans. When a person travels between the US and another country regularly, they do not meet the requirements to be eligible for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, especially if they spend more than 330 days outside of the US at a time. Many people who are coming to the US for specialty medical care or parents helping children living in the US fall under this category. Many times, these people may come to the US for 3 to 6 months and then head back to their home country for six months to a year. As this cycle continues, they find they do not have medical insurance when they are away from their home country. Temporary insurance coverage will help correct this problem.

The New Permanent Resident

When you, as an immigrant, become a new permanent resident of the US, you have the right to sign up for insurance as a US green cardholder. However, you may have missed the registration deadline or may need to wait for the coverage to become active. This period is the perfect time to use new immigrant insurance, or a temporary insurance policy, to make sure there is no gap in coverage.

The New Green Card Holder

When you embark on a new venture to get your green card and become a US resident, you have a time frame that includes travel and other waiting periods until you are eligible for US insurance coverage. Green Card holder insurance can help fill the gap until you are eligible for the US insurance policy.

Is New Immigrants Insured Required in the United States?

New Immigrant Insurance is now required to apply for an immigration visa. The laws passed in October 2019 and went into effect in November 2019. If you do not show proof of new immigrant health insurance, you can be denied a US Visa.

Can I Apply for Medicare as a New Immigrant?

Medicare is available for American citizens 65 and older. However, a green card holder is not a citizen, even though you are here legally. Medicare has specific rules that allow green cardholders to take advantage of their benefits over private health insurance. Any green card holder over age 65 that has been in the US continually as a green card holder for over five years is eligible for Medicare insurance coverage.

What Does New Immigrant Insurance Cover?

New Immigrant insurance has a particular purpose. Unlike other types of travel insurance, new immigrant insurance is specifically designed to cover the health insurance needs of green cardholders. However, the specifics do not end there. New immigrant insurance covers elderly green card holders who do not qualify for Medicare and cannot get or afford other types of health insurance until they do qualify for Medicare. While it is temporary insurance, it can be used for over a year to cover the gap and make sure our elderly family members maintain healthcare while in the US.

How Long Can I Keep New Immigrant Insurance?

The good news is new immigrant insurance may be temporary, but does not have a time limit. The standard rule is you can keep your coverage until you become eligible for Medicare. However, many times, people will choose to cancel it if they obtain insurance through a US employer or decide to purchase a policy through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

When to Buy New Immigrant Insurance

New immigrant insurance should be purchased as you begin your travel to the US. You must obtain this coverage prior to applying for a Visa, as per the new law enacted in October 2019. However, when you are entering the US, it is a great idea to have this policy in place already. It will protect you while you travel, as well as the moment you get off the plane.

How to File a New Immigrant Insurance Claim

New immigrant insurance works more as a reimbursement policy as opposed to a policy that pays as you go. When you have a claim for a medical expense, you can file a claim in writing with the insurance company. You must submit medical receipts and invoices. The insurance company will reimburse all valid claims. However, make sure to read the fine print to know what services may or may not be covered. Like any medical insurance coverage, certain policies may not include specific procedures. It is your responsibility to confirm the medical procedure and need are covered before submitting the claim.

As an elderly individual, you will likely have medical needs. In addition, under the US insurance laws, the older you are, the more expensive the insurance premiums will be. Unless you are working for a company that provides health insurance, you may end up paying several hundreds of dollars, at best, for your insurance coverage until you become eligible for Medicare. New immigrant insurance coverage can help keep your costs down and cover your health concerns until you can afford insurance, are added to your company policy, or become eligible for Medicare.

To compare and buy New Immigrant Insurance online, please visit our comparison website for New Immigrant Insurance coverage. You can buy a plan in under five minutes.

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