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4 Essential Types of Coverage for Student Travel Insurance

In the excitement and anticipation of studying abroad or traveling overseas on school break, it can be all too easy for you to overlook the single most important thing a student needs to consider beforehand: Student travel insurance. In spite of the careful planning that goes into these incredible and life-changing trips, most forget to make a plan for something going wrong.

It’s nice to daydream about the beautiful new sights and experiences around the corner. Still, without being properly prepared, that trip of a lifetime could quickly become a trip filled with regret.

Researching and getting the right study abroad insurance might not rank very high on things that you want to think about and plan for. However, student travel insurance plans are often what makes the difference between a fantastic journey and an absolute nightmare if a bump in the road comes your way.

So why not ensure a carefree trip with peace of mind through excellent student travel insurance, safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, it won’t break the bank or ruin your trip.

It will be much easier to fully take in and enjoy everything your journey has to offer if you’re not stressing about a medical issue, lost bag, or trip cancellation. Don’t let a visit to the doctor deplete that cash you tucked away for gifts or an amazing night out on the town.

Below are the top types of student travel insurance coverage you should consider that might ultimately save your trip if you happen to need coverage abroad.

Student Travel Insurance


1. Travel Medical Insurance

Medical travel insurance sits safely at the top of the list of the most essential types of coverage in student travel insurance plans, and it’s easy to understand why. At the best of times, nothing can destroy a budget like an unforeseen medical cost and none so more than when you are traveling on a shoestring budget. The last thing you need is to burn through your spending money on a few stitches, whether it be from a fall while hiking up a mountain in Europe or slipping on a step in the Coliseum in Rome.

Many medical insurance plans offer a broad safety net that will cover you for major and minor injuries. They will also cover you if you accidentally leave your medication behind in your last hotel room. It’s important to pay attention when comparing plans, but with the right tools, it’s’ simple to find an affordable policy that will protect you from most of your concerns.

To compare and buy Student Travel Insurance online, with medical only coverage, please visit our website.

2. Trip Cancellation & Delay Coverage

Most students putting together an affordable travel itinerary have likely pieced it together using plane, train, and bus tickets from a variety of companies and resources. It’s a great way to save money, but a sure-fire way to cost you big if one of the services along the way is delayed and you miss a flight or if you need to cancel (pre-departure) or interrupt (during travels) your trip for a covered reason.

The airline won’t care that a late train prevented you from making check-in on time, no matter how fast you ran to get there or how much you plead. With travel delay coverage, you can skip the long, drawn-out argument with the ticketing agent. Rest easy knowing that you can garner a payout (up to the policy maximum) if your trip was delayed or you missed your connection for a covered reason.

In another scenario, imagine that you became sick or injured prior to your study abroad trip, and you needed to cancel the entire voyage and stay in the United States. If this scenario was unforeseen at the time of buying the policy, trip cancellation coverage would reimburse you all of your pre-paid and non-refundable trip costs. Trip cancellation coverage offers a wide variety of covered reasons and many of those covered reasons will also apply in the event of interrupting your trip and having to return home after your trip has already begun.

To compare and buy Student Travel Insurance online with comprehensive coverage (including trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage), please click here.

3. Baggage or Personal Item Loss

It’s happened to you before, and you tell yourself it will never happen again. Losing your bag while rushing to catch the next plane or train. Feeling devastated after and running through it over and over again in your mind, being unable to stop thinking about it. It’s happened to everyone and it’ll probably happen again, so it’s best for you to be prepared.

There is no reason why losing your bag should put you out a bunch of cash, and with baggage or personal item loss coverage, it won’t. Not only does this coverage protect you from yourself, but it also protects you from thieves or careless baggage handlers and even baggage delays caused by the airlines.

Even if you manage to keep track of your bags like a hero, there’s no telling when a thief is going to target you or when your bag will be lost by baggage handlers in the holiday rush. It’s a story as old as old-time, but with the right insurance, you’ll be protected when it finally happens to you.

4. Evacuation Insurance

Every student’s worst nightmare while studying abroad is needing an evacuation out of the country. Whether it’s due to a medical emergency or a political crisis that requires the need for an immediate extraction to safety, the cost of evacuation could amount to a severe financial burden. In an emergency or a potentially life-threatening situation, money is the last thing you want to be worrying about

Evacuation coverage is probably not high up on the list of things you look for when comparing student travel insurance plans. But every year, this is the coverage that students and families thank their lucky stars they have.

You can travel carefree knowing that if tragedy strikes, you’ll be taken safely back home without it riddling you with debt. If you are able, you’d probably much rather get treated back home surrounded by loving family and friends than alone in a foreign land.

Protect Your Trip by Protecting Yourself

From medical emergencies to lost bags, from problems big to small, excellent student travel insurance plans allow students to enjoy their journey and soak up the new and exciting surroundings carefree. There shouldn’t be any need to worry about an unforeseen setback costing them an arm and a leg.

Making sure your study abroad insurance covers you from as many possible setbacks as possible is vital. It is overwhelming to juggle all of the choices available online, and comparing them carefully is also critical. allows you to quickly and easily compare the best and cheapest plans so you can set your mind at ease and start looking forward to your trip.

To compare and buy Student Travel Insurance online with medical only coverage, please visit our website for Student Travel Medical Insurance coverage.

To compare and buy Student Travel Insurance online with comprehensive coverage (including trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage), please click here.

Whether you need travel medical only coverage or comprehensive coverage, can get you covered in under five minutes with our low price guarantee.

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